Toll-Free Inbound

What is Toll-Free Inbound?

Toll-Free Inbound is Sussex's way of providing you a flat-rate line for customers or family members who are outside your local calling area. It allows them to call you without them incurring any long-distance costs. You can set up a Vanity Number for ease of reference : ie 1-888-5-CALLME

The best part of our Toll-Free service is that your customers and family have no need to configure or change any settings. They simply call the Toll-Free number we provide with no cost to them.

About Toll-Free

  • Canadian Toll-Free Numbers, accessible from Canada or the US: $0.079/min.

  • US Toll-Free Numbers, accessible from Canada or the US: $0.099/min.

  • Free vanity number.

  • Set up to ring on any phone in Canada including all cell phones and fax lines.

  • Saves long distance charges from a student residence or a hotel.

Please Note

With any toll free number, there is a risk of the call being misdialed. With so many Toll Free numbers being used in Canada and USA, you may see the odd call showing up on your invoice where you may not recognize the incoming number. This is generally due to someone dialing your Toll Free number by mistake, then hanging up once they realize their error. Please advise our office if you feel you are getting a large volume of spam calls.

Benefits For Businesses

  • No installation or monthly fees!

  • Improves customer relations

  • Enhances business image, with great potential to increase sales.

Benefits For Residents

  • No installation or monthly fees!

  • Makes it easy for family members to call