Hosted Telecom Systems

Less maintenance and lower overhead with a hosted system from Sussex.

  • No on site equipment that will grow obsolete

  • Minimal up front expenditure

  • Free calling between similar locations, anywhere in the world

Why a Sussex Hosted System?

We host your communications requirements; significant savings in initial equipment costs, and in long term monthly charges. The only on-site equipment are the telephones; everything else is provided by Sussex from its secure locations.



  • Basic Channel (trunk): $19.95/month
  • Extra Numbers: $3.50 /month
  • Additional Hosted Extension (Each): $4.95/month

Features / Hardware

  • Voice Mail with Email Notification
  • IP Phones – call for pricing depending on model, etc.


  • Free calling to anywhere in Canada*
  • US calling $0.03/minute*
  • Add FREE unlimited US for only $10!
  • International calling as low as $0.02/minute.


Voice Mail

Email Voice Mail Notification

Free Canada-wide Calling*

Caller ID

Call Forwarding

Free Soft-Phone Number or Port Your Own

No Move, Add or Change charges

International Rates

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term "hosted telecommunications system" (sometimes called Virtual PBX) refers to a communications system whose central switching functions reside in an off-site centrally located server. On-premise extensions are connected to the server via VOIP links. Very similar to the legacy technology CENTREX.

The major reason is economic. There are significant savings to be realised, both in initial capital costs, and in ongoing monthly costs; the only major up front investment required is for SIP sets, for each extension, and some minor costs associated with programming, setup, and additional security systems, such as UPS.

Yes, at no additional charge. However, the E911 service in the VoIP world is slightly different than that provided on a hard-wired Telco line; because there is no permanent location on the internet (an IP can be anywhere), the E911 operator will ask for a location, as opposed to being able to see it automatically. Your billing address (location of most businesses), is registered with the E911 call centre, as an assist to locating where the 911 call originated.

  • To view the complete details and Sussex policy regarding VoIP 911 service (PDF), click here
  • Yes. A nominal charge is made for all 411 enquiries.
  • We recommend a minimum of 1 – 1.5 Mb bandwidth, although the more b/w, the better. Dial up connections will not work to any degree of satisfaction. Although not required, a static IP is helpful for continuously solid connectivity.

    VOIP and satellites are generally troublesome, but Sussex, via its work with international satellite providers, has been very successful in providing VOIP telephony over satellite links, to many international destinations.

    We always recommend the installation of a UPS system, to provide emergency power in case of failure. In those rare cases where the internet itself is down, Sussex can provide a gateway device that automatically switches over to the Telco network, in the event of internet failure, provided you have a dedicated telephone line for emergency purposes. Please discuss your individual requirements with our technical support people.

    You can call any extension on your hosted telecommunications system, be it located at the next desk, or in another country, at no charge. Each extension is assigned a unique extension number , so calling is just a matter of dialing a few digits. Because extensions are no longer physically bound to any particular location, a hosted telecommunications system solution is ideal for employees on the move, who work at home, or who are located internationally.

    All the standard PBX features are available, and unlike many other companies, are provided by Sussex AT NO CHARGE. These include Auto Attendant, IVR, Call Forward, Call Waiting, Caller ID, etc. The only feature we charge for is voicemail.

    An Enhanced Voicemail box has the ability to send you your voice messages, each individually recorded as a .wav file, attached to an email. Hence you automatically get your voice messages anywhere in the world you have email access, without having to remember to log into your voicemail system. In all other respects, the two voicemail offerings are identical. Custom programmed by the user, the system offers greetings for "away", "busy", "on the line".

    With customer web management, you can change the email address to anyone. This is especially useful if you are 'out of the office', sick or away on vacation. You have the ability to direct your voicemail notifications and recorded message to someone else in the office.

    If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

    * YU/NWT/NU = $0.19, AL/HI = $0.06

    2 Must have voice mail to activate this feature

    3 Nominal installation charges may apply