Business Lines

Great savings on Business Lines!

  • Free Canada-Wide Calling!*

  • All standard calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Follow Me, Distinctive Ringing, Do Not Disturb and many more for FREE!.00

  • Unlimited telephone numbers per line or trunk.


  • Business Line: $19.95/month

  • SIP/IAX2 trunk: $19.95/month/channel

  • Extra Numbers: $3.50/ month for Canada; call for pricing and availability of US and international numbers.

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How We Provision Lines & Trunks

Sussex provides business lines or dedicated trunks to replace your existing telco lines or trunks. Each line represents one simultaneous talk path and is equivalent to legacy Centrex, key systems, or PBX connections. Except that Sussex Lines and Trunks come loaded with free features like Call Forward, Caller ID, etc..

Major Benefits

  • Includes free calling anywhere in Canada*, and a low $0.03/minute to the US*(Add unlimited US for only $10!)

  • Standard calling features such as Call Forward, Follow Me, Calling Line ID and many others are included at no extra charge.

  • Both regular and enhanced voice mail available.

  • E911 provided at no additional charge.

  • Unlimited DIDs per channel.

International Rates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at no additional charge. However, the E911 service in the VoIP world is slightly different than that provided on a hard-wired Telco line; because there is no permanent location on the internet (an IP can be anywhere), the E911 operator will ask for a location, as opposed to being able to see it automatically. Your billing address (location of most businesses), is registered with the E911 call centre, as an assist to locating where the 911 call originated.

  • To view the complete details and Sussex policy regarding VoIP 911 service (PDF), click here
  • Yes. A nominal charge is made for all 411 enquiries.
  • Absolutely, and take advantage of significant savings. What is required is a gateway to interface between your existing digital or analog equipment, and the Sussex servers, which provide connection to the world. Sussex supplies various gateways, depending on customer requirements, or you can provide you own.

    The rate you choose to contract for, depends upon your usage. In per minute pricing, many simultaneous calls are allowed, but each call is rated on a per minute basis; with channel pricing, the rate is fixed, no matter how many calls, but the number of simultaneous calls is limited to the number of channels purchased.

    That depends on a number of factors: age of system, on-going maintenance cost with the existing system and MAC charges, features required, etc. In many cases, it is cost effective to replace an existing key or PBX system with a Sussex Hosted System (Virtual PBX), for the maintenance and MAC savings alone, let alone the potential additional features.

    For a new system, we strongly recommend the Sussex Sussex Hosted System; its quick to install, there is a minimal up front cost, its fully featured, and there are no Moves, Adds, and Changes charges in the future.

    If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

    * Except Northwest Territories, Alaska and Hawaii