Affinity Programs

An easy way to fundraise and promote your organisation.

  • Highly customisable

  • Easy to deploy

  • Promote your organisation

What is the Affinity Program?

Affinity Programs offer your organisation/group ongoing and consistent revenue with a minimal amount of effort.

How Affinity Works

  1. Encourage your members, friends and business acquaintances to sign up for Sussex services via your customised Affinity Program.
  2. A significant percentage of the total revenue generated by your Affinity Program members will be donated to your organisation every month.
  3. Fundraising is that easy, plus your members will benefit from special discounted rates, customised to your organisation!

Customise It!

With Affinity, it's easy to customise the many aspects of your own Affinity Program .... from customised invoices, calling cards with your own logo, to discounted rates and more.

Call Sussex today to learn how to establish your own exclusive Affinty Program to support your fundraising efforts. own cards.