Traveling? Want to avoid roaming charges? Meet Mobi-Fi™!

  • Free calling between Mobi-Fi™ customers anywhere in the world.

  • Mobi-Fi™ long distance is only $0.03/minute compared to up to $0.45/min or more on a cellular LD call*

  • Avoid roaming charges with Mobi-Fi™ - yes we said it twice!

  • For Sussex HomePHONE subscribers, Mobi-Fi™ calls are free to your home country from anywhere in the world!

What is Mobi-Fi™?

Sussex Mobi-Fi™ is the ability to receive or make telephone calls from any device that can connect to the internet via a Local Area Network, Router, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G wireless, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer.

Always on the Go?

With Mobi-Fi™ Enhanced, friends can call you for free, anywhere in the world, which means its perfect while traveling on business or on vacation.

When staying at a hotel, take advantage of WiFi to make your phone calls.

Mobi-Fi™ Comes in Three Convenient Options

  • Basic

  • Enhanced

  • Premium (NEW)

Mobi-Fi™ Basic

The Basic Mobi-Fi™ account allows outbound calling from any device capable of connecting to the internet, and running a VoIP softphone application on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.


Call any telephone in the world, at Sussex nominal rates;

Calls between Sussex accounts are free!;

Call using audio or audio and video;

$0.03/ minute to any regular land line phone in Canada or US*;

Customised Caller Name (e.g. "Your Choice of Name") for only $1.95/month.

Mobi-Fi™ Enhanced

The Enhanced Mobi-Fi™ account allows for incoming calls, as well as outgoing calls. This means you can receive calls on your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G device, anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection.


All the great features of Mobi-Fi™ Basic plus:

Dedicated telephone number, (based on any Canada/US area code that we service).;

Ten major calling features such as Call Forward, Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc included.;

VoiceMail included;

Customised Caller Name for outbound identification included (e.g. "Your Choice of Name");

Enhanced VoiceMail (email notification with attached .wav file of the message) $1.95/mo;

Number for incoming calls : No charge for Canada; $3.50/month for US;

$0.03/min to any land line or mobile telephone in Canada or the US*

Mobi-Fi™ Premium

Mobi-Fi™ Premium has the same great features as Mobi-Fi™ Enhanced but includes even more. As an added bonus, all calling to Canada is FREE.


All the great features of Mobi-Fi™ Enhanced plus:

Voice Mail with Automatic email notification;

All calls to Canada are FREE *, US is $0.03¢/min;

All international calls are at Sussex's low rates (see below);

International Rates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sussex Mobi-Fi™ is the ability to receive or make telephone calls from any device that can connect to the internet via a local area network, WiFi or 4G/5G wireless, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer.

Yes, at no additional charge. However, the E911 service in the VoIP world is slightly different than that provided on a hard-wired Telco line; because there is no permanent location on the internet (an IP can be anywhere), the E911 operator will ask for a location, as opposed to being able to see it automatically. Your billing address (location of most businesses), is registered with the E911 call centre, as an assist to locating where the 911 call originated.

  • To view the complete details and Sussex policy regarding VoIP 911 service (PDF), click here
  • Yes. A nominal charge is made for all 411 enquiries.
  • Avoid roaming charges.
  • The Basic account is free
  • Calling between Sussex Mobi-Fi™ accounts is free, as are calls between Mobi-Fi™ and Sussex HomePHONE.
  • Significantly lower cellular long distance charges (inbound and outbound).
  • Your telephone service follows you wherever you go in the world (same number, same easy access).
  • No, your Mobi-Fi™ account is stand alone, and is available to those who wish to subscribe.
  • Remember, it costs nothing to have a Basic Mobi-Fi™ account; you only pay when you actually use it.
  • By using a softphone application loaded on to your mobile device or pc, your device accesses the internet, and allows you to make telephone calls.
  • Mobi-Fi™ allows you to dial calls to a regular telephone or another Sussex Mobi-Fi™ account, located anywhere in the world.
  • The Basic service provides outbound calling only.
  • The Enhanced service provides inbound and outbound calling, and comes with a telephone number, and voicemail.
  • Virtually any smart device that has internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or local area network.
  • These include most smart phones such as the Blackberry, IPhone or any Android phones; tablets, such as the iPad and any Windows tablets; many other devices such as notebooks.
  • You can also use your PC, if connected to the network, but this obviously limits the portability of the service.
  • Yes, for direct Mobi-Fi&trade to Mobi-Fi&trade, but it depends on the softphone.
  • Some softphones offer different capabilities on different devices, so look around for one that suits your needs.
  • Search the Internet. Many different free-ware softphones are available for download from your Apps Store.
  • We particularly recommend (all equal)
    • 3CX Phone, from (for iPhone, iPad, Android o/s, Windows o/s) (voice, video, IM, depending on device)
    • Linphone (for Android o/s) (voice, video, IM)
    • Media5 Fone (for PC, iPhone, iPad, Android)
    • ExpressTalk from (for PC or notebook)(voice, video)
    • Zoiper (for the MAC)
  • Log on to these sites and follow the instructions for downloading their softphone or,
  • Depending on your device, go to your Apps store and search by name, or by the key words "VoIP phone", "sip phone", or "softphone".
  • There are several softphones available that are not free. Note that many so-called "free" softphones are tied to a particular VoIP carrier. The open free versions are sufficient for our service. Unfortunately, there appear to be very few free open BlackBerry softphone apps.
  • Under development – coming soon!
    There are basically three parameters that need to be entered into the softphone:
    • The username or SIP ID,
    • A password,
    • And the IP address of the Sussex server.
    These parameters are supplied to you by Sussex when you register for the account. We supply a basic setup "cheat-sheet" and we would be glad to assist in setup should you have a problem.
  • Most public domain wi-fi hot spots are open and you should not incur any firewall blocking issues.
  • If a firewall is present, and is restricting your ability to make calls, it may be necessary to forward specific ports through the firewall to the internal IP address of your device.
  • Yes.
  • If you wish to by-pass your cellular carrier voice service and use your smartphone as purely a wi-fi or 3G/4G calling device, you will still need a data plan from either a cellular carrier or a wireless ISP. Note that most cellular carriers force you to pay for a combined voice and data plan on a smartphone, although not on a tablet or note book.
  • The Enhanced Sussex Mobi-Fi™ account gives you almost the same capability as a cellular phone, with the exception that calls can only be made and received when you are connected to the Internet, either via wi-fi or 4G/5G.
  • In many cases we can port your existing cellular number to your Mobi-Fi™ account.
  • No, as long as your device is Wi-Fi compatible and you only use open Wi-Fi hotspots, or if you have a wireless internet service provider connection.
  • The cost savings can be very significant.
  • Only if you allow connection to the internet via your data plan, and you are not in a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • The amount of data used for VoIP traffic is relatively minor.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

    * YU/NWT/NU = $0.19, AL/HI = $0.06