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ELITE and SUPER ELITE International Long Distance

Superb international long distance rates without having to change your carrier.

  • ELITE: Europe=2.0¢CAN/US=3.0¢*

  • SUPER ELITE: Europe=1.0¢ China=1.0¢

  • ELITE: No Charge

  • SUPER ELITE $9.95/mo.

  • No Connection Fees!

  • Works on all cell phones, soft phones, VoIP lines and land lines

  • No PINS or Authorisation Codes to enter

  • Rates Are 24/7!

  • Pre or Post Paid

  • Excellent quality connections


ELITE and SUPER ELITE are regular long distance services specifically designed to offer very low international and domestic long distance rates for all types of phones. There is no need to switch from your existing carrier. Simply dial an access number to connect directly to the Sussex Network.

ELITE and SUPER ELITE are the ideal plans for the cost-conscious internatioinal caller.

TIP: Save time by adding the Sussex access number as a "contact" or speed dial so you can easily access your lower rates.

ELITE and SUPER ELITE via Local Access

Once a land line or cell phone line has been registered and payment authorized, Sussex provides a Local Access Number (LAN) to dial:

  1. To start making a long distance call, dial the LAN.
  2. Listen to the pause and destination number prompt.
  3. Choose one of three language options, English, French or Spanish.
  4. If prompted for PIN number (via Toll Free), enter your PIN number followed by the pound sign (#)
  5. Enter the number you wish to call, followed by the # sign (e.g. 1-905-555-1212 #, or 011 + country code + number + #)
  6. To make another call, do not hang up. Let the other party hang up and Press *, # (star, pound) and the destination prompt will come on again.

Program the local access number in your telephone speed dial/contacts, and label it "LD"

If you forget to dial the Sussex LAN to make a long distance call, your call will be carried through your existing carrier and at their current rates.

Local Access Availability

Local access is available from:

Barrie, Calgary, Cornwall, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Montreal, Ottawa/Gatineau, Quebec, St. Catherines, Toronto (GTA), Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Victoria

ELITE or SUPER ELITE via Toll-Free

For your convenience while outside the local access areas, Sussex provides you a Toll Free access number and a 6 digit Toll Free PIN # to use from your cell phone (or any phone) to call to anywhere in Canada, the USA or the world.

The rate is 7.9¢ Canada & 9.9¢ US per minute, a huge savings compared to most cell carriers who charge anywhere from 25-40 cents per minute. Please contact us to learn more about Cellular Anywhere and how to obtain your 6 digit PIN #

Toll-Free Access: 866-239-6834

SUPER ELITE International Rates

Fraud Notice: Susssex is combating fraud - read up on our tips and information here.  Read Notice

If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

* Except Northwest Territories, Alaska and Hawaii