With Sussex, Home is never far away.

  • High-quality phone line

  • No contracts!

  • Starting as low as $9.95

What exactly is HomePHONE?

Sussex HomePHONE is leading-edge technology that transforms your high speed internet service into a telephone line. With this service, you may keep your regular telephone sets to make and receive calls, or dedicate a new telephone to your Sussex HomePHONE line.


As long as you have a high speed internet connection, you can take your home phone service with you when you travel. Just plug in your Sussex adapter device at your new location; your number stays the same and you keep all the same features.

More Features

This is how a home telephone service should be

We believe it's time your home telephone service had all the features you need to really enjoy it with no strings attached. With Sussex HomePHONE, you won't pay more for any features you see below... and they all come with our terrific customer service.

  • E911 & 411 service
  • Free calls to all other Sussex HomePHONE subscribers anywhere in the world.
  • Includes your favourite calling features PLUS Canada-wide free calling! *

Caller ID

Call Block

Do Not Disturb

Call Forwarding

Voice Mail

HomePHONE Basic

Standard Features

One time adapter charge $99.00

Calling within Canada*:

Calling to the US:

International calls as low as: $0.02/minute

$ 9.95 /MO

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Standard Features

FREE phone adapter rental

Calling within Canada*:
Free & Unlimited!*

Calling to the US:

International calls as low as: $0.02/minute

$ 19.95 /MO

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HomePHONE Premium

Standard Features

FREE phone adapter rental

Calling within Canada*:
Free & Unlimited!*

Calling to the US:
Free & Unlimited!*

International calls as low as: $0.02/minute

$ 29.95 /MO

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International Rates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sussex HomePHONE is leading edge technology that transforms your High Speed Internet service into a phone line. The technology is known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
Every subscriber to Sussex HomePHONE is entitled to a free Mobi-Fi account for their smartphone or tablet, that will enable them to call back to their home country free of charge, from anywhere in the world. Perfect for travel – free calls and no roaming charges!
  • Sussex HomePHONE works virtually the same way as your phone service with your local telephone company.
  • Sussex HomePHONE includes a wide selection of calling features.
  • It can be used with a standard phone handset
  • Is usually much less expensive than your current telephone company.
  • You can place your Sussex HomePHONE order online: here, or simply call 1-888-3-SUSSEX (1-888-378-7739)
    Sussex HomePHONE sound quality is dependant on the speed of your internet connection: with a high speed internet connection, it is equivalent to your traditional phone service
  • Those who would like to replace their landline service
  • Those who have family and friends in other parts of Canada, who wish to have free calling to and from those locations
  • Ideal for those who have a home business, as a primary or second line into a home office (at extremely affordable rates). See also our Sussex Mobile Office.
  • Vacationers who are away from home for long periods (Snow-Birds), and would like to retain their phone service in their vacation location ("TAKE & GO!")
  • 911 service is available to Sussex HomePHONE subscribers
  • There are several important factors to consider regarding the impact of this service on your emergency calls. The type of 911 Service available to you depends on where and how you use your Sussex HomePHONE service.
  • 911 information is sent out with your adapter; please make sure you read it thoroughly
  • No
  • Sussex HomePHONE is very easy to install and you may use the same telephone handset as you would normally use with your local telephone company
  • No
  • You do need to have high speed internet connection. (Fiber, DSL or Cable).
  • No
  • Sussex HomePHONE does not require a computer, unless you subscribe to the Basic Plan with no phone adapter. In this case, you would use a softphone application, either on your computer or tablet device, to make your calls.
  • Sussex HomePHONE allows you to talk and surf the Internet at the same time
  • All you need is a Sussex HomePHONE adapter (supplied by Sussex) to connect your regular telephone to the Internet
  • A high speed internet connection (cable or DSL with at least 600kbps bandwidth in each direction)
  • And a standard phone handset
  • The Phone Adapter is a small device that connects between your telephone(s) and the internet, and transforms the phone signals into a format that can be carried over the internet.
  • No. Simply plug a telephone into one jack on the Adapter, and connect the other jack on the Adapter to your internet router, via the cable supplied.
  • For those who require a wireless adapter, Sussex can supply one at a slight additional charge
  • Your Sussex HomePHONE Installation Kit will arrive within seven days by regular mail. For a nominal fee, it can be expedited via courier. Please call our office if you wish to receive expedited service.
    Immediately, once you have installed your Sussex HomePHONE phone adapter.

    Yes, but it requires that you separate your home's inside telephone wiring from the incoming line from the telephone company.

    In the case of DSL service (internet connection over the telephone line), this separation has to occur after the DSL modem.

    Most people either just connect a regular telephone or a cordless phone system to the phone adapter

    For details, see the Sussex HomePHONE Quick Installation Guide

    Sussex provides you with all the required equipment to get you connected with Sussex HomePHONE. You simply need a High Speed Internet Connection and a telephone.

    No, but if you connect your modem and the phone adaptor power supplies to a small uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as a continuous power supply (CPS) it will continue to work.

    This is important if you need 911 access during power outages. Many people just use their cell phones as a back up for 911.

    Sussex HomePHONE can work with virtually any "always-on" high speed internet service: DSL, cable, satellite and most point-to-point wireless.

    Works with most common wireless and wire line internet service providers, including Bell, Rogers Cable, Shaw Cable, Telus, Videotron, Look, et cetera.

    If you currently have DSL internet service RUNNING ON YOUR PHONE LINE, from ANY provider, it is critical that you contact that provider to let them know that you wish to retain your existing internet. They may have to install a special line, called a “dry loop”. Failure to advise them that you want to keep your internet after the existing number is ported over to Sussex, may mean that you will lose the internet service after the port has been completed. This does not apply to cable or wireless internet service.

    • Yes, but quality may not be as good as a High Speed connection.
    • Sussex HomePHONE is available for Lite users or other low speed connections.
    • Please note that faxing is not supported for Lite users and Lite connections, due to Lite's limited bandwidth; there is a much higher chance of voice quality problems with low speed service.

    No, Sussex HomePHONE is built specifically for always-on High Speed Internet connection and generally cannot be used with dial-up Internet service.

    Yes, you can transfer your existing landline phone number to a Sussex HomePHONE. There are some exceptions to this general rule; in certain smaller towns and particularly in rural and remote areas, your current phone number may not be transferable.

    Please call our office to determine if your existing number can be transferred. (There is usually no problem if you are located in a major city or surrounding area.)

    Please note that Sussex has a one-time $10.00 porting fee to move your number to Sussex.

    On average, it will take up to two weeks, but the transfer can happen sooner.

    It's very important that you do not cancel your current phone service until the transfer is complete or you may lose your phone number.

    Yes, every Sussex HomePHONE account comes with a new number, unless you wish to retain your existing number.

    Your new number can be for any area code in Canada and most area codes in the US

    You can get up to two phone lines or phone numbers per Sussex HomePHONE phone adapter. If you require additional phone numbers to receive incoming phone calls, you may benefit from our Additional Number Service.

    • As a Sussex HomePHONE customer, you can select up to three additional phone numbers, attached to the same phone line
    • When you receive a call on one of your Additional Numbers, your phone will ring differently, compared to your main Sussex HomePHONE phone number.
    • This service could be used to indicate calls for different members of a household.
    • An Additional Number can be used as an incoming fax line or used to let your family and friends from out of town call you "locally"
    • Outgoing calls are billed on your main Sussex HomePHONE phone number.

    Yes. Note that all your outgoing calls are billed as if made from your main Sussex HomePHONE phone number.

    One of the most significant features of Sussex HomePHONE is that you are not limited to the local area code of the place you live.

    You can select any other area code that is within Sussex HomePHONE service area

    For example, you could live in Vancouver or Ottawa and select a Toronto phone number (416 area code). This means that not only are all your calls to Toronto considered local (not long distance) but as well, all calls to you from Toronto will be "local", not long distance.

    • There is no need to cancel your telephone service with your current phone company.
    • Once you have transferred your phone number to Sussex and you are connected to Sussex HomePHONE and your phone rings, your phone service with the previous company should be automatically cancelled.

    It's very important that you do not cancel your current phone service until the transfer is complete or you may lose your phone number.

    There are no contracts, hidden fees, or any miscellaneous charges with any Sussex service.

    The phone adapter is the property of Sussex Telecom, and we request that it be returned to us, at our expanse. Please call our office for details.

    Alternately, you may buy the phone adapter for your own use for $99

    • Yes. Sussex HomePHONE service is ideal for those who are away for any length of time.
    • Simply take your phone adapter with you, connect it to the internet at your new location, and your phone service is just as though you had never left home.
    • People can call you on your home phone number, and most significantly, you can call anywhere in Canada on the Enhanced and Premium plans, at no charge, even if you are out of the country!
    Every subscriber to Sussex HomePHONE is entitled to a free Mobi-Fi account for their smartphone or tablet, that will enable them to call back to their home country free of charge, from anywhere in the world. Perfect for travel – free calls and no roaming charges!

    Sussex HomePHONE is available across Canada and in many other countries. If you have a High Speed Internet connection, you can use Sussex HomePHONE anywhere in the world.

    No. As long as they have an active telephone you will be able to reach them. Sussex HomePHONE will connect with Public Switched Telephone Networks in North America and overseas.

    Yes. You may keep your service and your phone number or Sussex can provide you with another local number. You need to have a High Speed Internet connection at your new location.

    • Yes!
    • In most of the cases you can keep your service and your phone number when you travel, domestically or abroad.
    • Just plug your phone adapter into a High Speed Internet connection at your new location and you are ready to go.
    • All your calls will be treated the same way as if made using Sussex HomePHONE at your home. For example, if you travel from Toronto to Montreal or Hong Kong, you can take your service with you, plug into a high speed internet connection at the new location and make calls as if you were still in Toronto. (Callers could still reach you at your 416 # or you can call their 416 #. Neither party would be charged long distance.)
    • Due to different network setups, there may be cases when the service cannot be used in a new location.
    • Sussex will be glad to provide our Sussex HomePHONE customers with a secondary mobile account, Sussex MobiFi, for a very nominal fee, for use when you travel, if you do not wish to take your phone adapter with you.

    Yes, a fax machine will work with Sussex HomePHONE service.

    Please note, however, a lower speed internet service (DSL Lite or Cable Basic) will not support faxing. Faxing over Sussex HomePHONE is a 'best effort' service and will actually depend on the quality of your internet connection.

    Please let us know if you plan to use the line for faxing, so we can make sure it is customised for your locale.

    Remember, as am alternative to your own fax machine, try Sussex Fax To Email service

  • Each monitored alarm service is different, and we suggest you contact your alarm company
  • We currently have monitored alarm systems working on our HomePHONE lines, and we are working with a number of alarm companies to ensure that their equipment will work with our service
  • Many alarm companies offer special alarm monitoring over the internet, using a special connection device.
  • Because of the different nature of each system, Sussex cannot warrant or guarantee our service will work with your particular setup, but we will provide a separate line, just for the monitoring system, and in many cases, this will be sufficient.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

    * Except Northwest Territories, Alaska and Hawaii