An easy way to stay connected. With our three tier teleconferencing solutions, you get more for less. Call Sussex today to get your personal quote.

Why Sussex Teleconferencing?

Sussex offers three fully featured conference calling options for groups small or large; experience crystal clear calling with our complete portfolio of flexible conferencing solutions. We deliver the most comprehensive, secure and innovative audio and internet conferencing services available. Billing can be Corporate (host) or individualized for participants that have pre-registered as Sussex clients.

Sussex Talk Now

Price per minute, per caller: $0.10 for Canada and US: Call for special international rates.

  • Great for family and friends!

  • Permanent on-demand conferencing without operator intervention.

  • No reservations required.

  • Permanent access number, chairperson, participant passcode.

  • Up to 150 participants.

  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sussex Corporate Talk

Call or e-mail us for rates.

  • Reserved operator assisted conference call.

  • Dial in to the conference or have operator dial to desired participants.

  • Suitable for large groups.

  • Passcodes for corporate billing.

Sussex Talk 'n Show

Call or e-mail us for rates.

  • Simultaneous presentation of audio and visual information via the Internet.

  • Presentations can be enhanced with Power-Point slides, Word documents, spreadsheets, graphs, and charts.

  • Suitable for events such as corporate meetings, training, distance education, announcements, launches.

  • World map provides complete information regarding who is on call and where they are located.

Additional Information

Additional features include Toll Free services that are accessible from anywhere in Canada/US and many other countries. For added security, a four digit security passcode is established and a Personal Information Number (PIN) is required for individual billing.